Big Design Ideas for … Small Living Rooms, #5

Design solutions for a small living room

When designing a small living room, interior designers and decorators use several tricks and techniques that make the small living space more spacious and comfortable.

Small Living Room

The most well-known are the following:

  • Combining the living room with another room such as dining room, home office, dining, and kitchen, in other words an open space concept.
  • Using light color paints for the walls or a light wallpaper with fine pattern.
  • Separating the living room, regardless its size, in several functional areas such as recreation area, work area, and the area where you can chat with your guests.
  • Using furniture pieces with multirole and with hidden storage space.
  • Using cabinets with mirror doors, wall-mounted mirrors, and many glass and glossy surfaces.
  • Many light sources such as ceiling recessed lights, table lamps, floor standing lights instead of large pendants and chandeliers.
  • Not too many decorative accessories. After all, you do not want to confuse your guests and you living space look to crowded.

Photo by Ethan AllenDiscover living room design ideas

All these several design tricks and ideas are efficient methods for expanding the limited space and make any small living room comfortable and enjoyable.

And regarding the zoning of a small living room. It can be done using clever room dividing such as racks, floor standing shelves, sliding doors, curtains, etc.

If you need inspiring small living room design ideas, please watch the new uploaded video from the YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” , where we have selected ones of the best and creative design ideas for small living rooms.

Big Design Ideas for … Small Living Rooms, #5 (video)

Watch our video, check out the images, and find the right idea for your own living space.

We have carefully selected the newest, clever, and affordable design ideas so, you do not need to be afraid by the costs of your future living room makeover.

You will also find here small living rooms in diverse design styles such as in classic style, Scandinavian style, minimalist style, modern style, and in mixing of design styles.

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There are so many interior design solutions that can make the design of a small living room elegant and comfortable. How we have already told you if you take in account certain tips and ideas, if you choose quality finishing materials and well-chosen decorative accessories, your small living space will look gorgeous.

Bright Small Living Room

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