Big Design Ideas for … Small Living Rooms, #8

How to furnish and decorate a small living room?

Let’s start with the furnishing. More and more often many of us are finding themselves dealing with a small living space. Quite “normal” in our days, taking in consideration that most of the brand-new apartments are smaller than several decades ago.

Small Living Room Design 1

So, you find yourself having to furnish a small living room. It is difficult. For this reason, many interior designers are committed every day to find the best solutions that make intelligent use of every sq inch of the available space.

Please, read this post, and watch our new uploaded video. You will find here, smart design ideas for a small living room.

So, read this post and watch the new uploaded video from our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate”

Big Design Ideas for … Small Living Rooms, #8 (video)

Another fabulous video, in 4K, 60 fps, which is the 8th part of the popular video series “Big Design Ideas for …”.

It is a good idea to watch our previous seven videos from this video series and check out the numerous design ideas. You will discover there, hundreds of ones of the best designer ideas for small living spaces.

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But let’s back to our article.

The living room is “the heart of the house”

Indeed. No matter how big it is, the living room is the heart of the house. Your home “business card”.

Here, you spend the most of your free time and not only.

The living room is the protagonist of your daily relaxation. But it can also be your home office.

Therefore, a living room should be elegant and functional at the same time.

After all, it has to perform useful and multiple functions.

And regarding the elegant status: A living room represents the starting point for creating and defining the identity of your home.

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No limits in furnishing and decorating of a small living room

You need to turn the space limits into opportunities and smart solutions.

In other words, you need to get inspiration and use your creativity.

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Once again, I suggest you read our articles and check out the creative designer ideas for our video.

You will find there, valuable inspiration that can help you to turn your own small living room into an elegant and functional living space.

The limited size of your living room must not represent obstacles to your desire for comfort and the taste with which you want to furnish and decorate your living space.

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