Tree Branches, Unique Ornaments for Your Home

Tree branches can inspire you to create your own interior decorations. So, use dry branches to create unique ornaments in your house.

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Choose a Vase

Natural Arrangements with dry branches can have any container as a vase, such as vases from clay, or glass and even metal vases. So you can use any vase or container that you have in the house, so that they provide the necessary support for the arrangement of dried branches.

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Prepare the Tree Branches

Choose branches with an interesting shape, wave, spiral, twisted, so that you get a special visual effect with this bunch of twigs.
Clean branches. Remove plant debris and dust. You can leave branches as they are or you can varnish or paint in the desired color.

Find the Right Accessories

Sometimes to get a spectacular arrangement is better to use accessories. For example, depending on the season or occasion, the bundle of dry twigs can be customized with toy butterflies, ears of wheat, autumn flowers, garlands, lights, etc.

Here are some ideas for ornaments with dry branches:

1. Dry Painted Tree Branches

Paint dried branches of trees in a color that contrasts with the color of the walls. Put the bunch of branches in a vase of the same color with the paint for a uniform look.

2. Dry branches for the ceiling

If you find a branch with many ramifications in a spectacular shape create a bold ornament for the ceiling chandelier.

3. Dry Branches for the Holidays

Make your own Christmas ornament with 2-3 dry branches and placed them in bottles adorned with ornaments and decorations for the holidays.

4. Dry Branches with Mini-Decorations

Clear glass vases are perfect to bring out the beauty of dry branches. Place on them small ornaments, made of paper or fabric: such as butterflies, flowers, insects etc.
Another idea is to use jewelry, from rings to necklaces.

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