Retro style design and Vintage style in brand-new apartments

Retro style design and the current apartment standards

Retro design style and vintage style in the new building apartments is not as simple as it might seem at a first glance. Mainly because the current standards of brand-new apartments differ significantly in terms of the ceiling height, window size or the amount of lighting.

However, with a little inspiration and creativity, using old furniture pieces, vintage decorative accessories and restoring them into something new, you can create a fabulous retro decor in virtually any home interior. In our YouTube channel you will find many interesting inspirations and examples of apartments in modern construction that have been turned into beautiful retro or vintage apartments.

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You will find there, tones of designing, furnishing, and decorating ideas for your home interior.

Allow me to mention two of them:

Unique Home Décor Ideas | VINTAGE AND RETRO-STYLE DESIGN #5 (video)

Our Favorite Home Décor Ideas | VINTAGE AND RETRO-STYLE DESIGN #3 (video)

Combination of retro style design with Scandinavian style

The combination of a retro design style decor with a Scandinavian style home interior is an extremely interesting and charming mix. This home interior arrangement type is of course, dominated by sturdy wooden furniture and simple but tasteful decorative accessories.

Shades of white and gray are usually broken with a note of vivid and expressive accent color. You will also find in this mix, geometric patterns, as well as old graphics and posters from the 60s. The retro-Scandinavian style is a design solution for anyone who is not afraid to dream and experiment of a unique and original home interior.

If you feel that the retro design style fit your lifestyle and you absolutely want to check how this design will look in your, be sure to check out our articles.

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