Breathtaking Stylish Living Room Design Ideas, #3

Stylish decorating ideas for the living room

A living room without decoration?

Yeah, it is possible. But what is the point?

From the stylish artwork and quality textiles to home decorative accessories such as decorative pillows, figurines, lanterns, candlesticks, and so on.

Only with the help of stylish decorative accessories, a living room becomes indeed, cozy, elegant and the heart of the house.

Living Room Design 1

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Breathtaking Stylish Living Room Design Ideas, #3 (video)

The video is the third part of the amazing video series: “Breathtaking Stylish Living Room Design Ideas”.

You will find there that everything from furniture pieces to decorative accessories fit perfectly in the overall décor of each living room.

Not to mention the neutral color palettes, some of them with vivid color accents, and natural wood tones ensure to feel comfortable in such warm and inviting environments.

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Living Room Design 2

Lighting ideas for stylish living rooms

We do not have to forget that generally, living rooms are multi-purpose spaces where we perform many activities that require different levels of lighting.

Many times, a living area is a multi-functional room that also includes a small home office.

Also, a living room is a leisure space, a space for relaxing, but many of us like to do other things, such as reading.

So, you do not have to omit lighting when designing your living room.

The combination of several light is recommended. Only in this way a living room can be used to the full.

But apart of lighting many other elements are extremely important when it comes to design a stylish living room.

Let’s see several of them.

The living rooms’ essential in brief

  • Well-chosen and coordinated color schemes create a harmonious overall background décor.
  • You can create an exciting accent wall with patterned wallpaper, a beautiful accent color, modern paintings, and picture frames.
  • Plants bring life and provide natural splashes of color.
  • Mixing diverse design styles makes your living room look unique, individual, and special.
Living Room Design 3

What you can see in our new uploaded video

Here, in the video, you can find creative and inspiring furnishing and decorating ideas from spacious apartment living rooms with modern look to large living rooms with modern fireplaces.

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However, I like to think that our ideas from the video will help you.

So, we sincerely hope you like our ideas from this post, and you have also enjoyed our uploaded YouTube video.

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