How to choose the color of furniture for a small living room? (part1)

It is pretty hard to choose the furniture color for a small room. More than that you should take in consideration that furniture is not something that you change every month, and it will remain in your home for long time.

Light or dark color furniture?

The walls and floors should be analyzed prior making the decision if there will be light or dark color furniture.

Here we give you some advice, tips, and ideas that will help you decide when to opt for the light color furniture and when to choose the dark ones, taking in consideration the characteristics of your living space.

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Create contrast between room walls and furniture

If you want to avoid the living room from looking cold and boring, consider the nuances of the walls before choosing the living room furniture color. Don’t forget that dark furniture pieces are seem more massive and heavier visually. That it means they need to be paired with neutral color walls.

Clear, transparent furniture has many advantages. One of them is timeless. You can also adapt this kind of furniture to any era and even combine it with wooden furniture, plastic furniture and rattan furniture without any dilemmas. With just one condition. To know how to combine and mix them with the wall colors without overloading the overall decor, or on the opposite to create a boring living space.

The living room furniture should not merge with the floor color

The color of the floors is so important when it comes to choose the color of furniture.  When you have hardwood floors it is not a good idea to choose furniture brown and beige colors, the colors of wood.

The best idea is to choose it in tones of gray, blue, white. In this way you will create a wonderful décor.

But let’s back to small spaces. For small living rooms, if the space floor is in light color, then an elegant piece of furniture in dark colors, even black becomes the focal point of the decor.

Dark-colored furniture adds a lot of volume

Yes, it is so true. If your room is very bright and quite spacious then will be great to buy furniture in dark colors. It will make a statement in the space with its elegance and volume, not to mention that will provide a harmonious and balanced contrast in the overall decoration.

Dark furniture color really helps you get out of the monotony of a boring decor and create a full of personality environment in different design styles from modern style to classic, traditional style.

However, you need to be careful when choosing dark color furniture pieces, the absence of enough light, natural or artificial is not good for this option.

Auxiliary furniture pieces as a contrast for small living rooms

Who said that in a small living room you can’t have a dark color furniture?

Of course, you can. With a condition. The living room walls to be in light colors.

Light colors should predominate on the walls and generally in most of the furniture. However, small furniture pieces such a coffee table in a dark color can catch the eyes of your guests.

End of the first part of the article: “How to choose the color of furniture for a small room?”

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