Bright interior design with boho style elements

Boho style into your home.

Are you a free spirit, a traveler or a dreamer? If so, you’re sure to be drawn to the unmistakable boho style – if not its color, it’s loose arrangement. It wins not only in fashion but also in the world of interior design and decoration! Fun decor and furniture made from natural materials will deftly emphasize your lifestyle, adding a unique touch to even neutral interiors. What can’t be missed? What role does furniture play? We show you how to decorate your home in boho style and bring you essential tips and tricks that will help you bring some much-needed freshness into your home. Let’s start!

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Small Apartments that Go Big with Bold Décor Themes (video)

What characterizes the boho style in interiors?

So, what characterizes the bohemian style in the interior? How do you invite a breath of this unique lightness and nature into your apartment? He is said to be free, with a bit of a dream and with a spark of fantasy. Here are some of the most important things you should pay attention to!

Furniture in Boho style

No piece of furniture is found by accident in bohemian interiors – each piece tells its own story and is unique. The interior is self-renovating, repainting will be perfect. As a result, your new old furniture will have a truly unique soul.

Decorative accessories

Don’t forget that the whole arrangement should be based on nature – here’s how to make macrame or straw, the signature wall fan. Woven and colorful rugs would be a great match! Do you like rich decorative mirrors? Great – they would be perfect for this type of room!

Interior plants

To give the interior the necessary color and vitality, plants will be needed. The boho style loves every shade of green and the fresh, natural atmosphere it creates. Small, colorful potted plants are perfect to place in every corner of the house – whether on a windowsill, on a shelf or even on the floor! Make room for at least one taller plant (if space allows) and don’t forget the flowers in the vase. You don’t have to limit yourself – the more the better.

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