Enjoy Your Home Outdoor Space Using Natural Light Patio Covers

What could be better than being able to enjoy your outdoor maintenance-free living, all year long? And today it is possible to do that. Natural Light Patio Covers can turn your sunbaked patio into a cool sun-lit and comfortable living space.

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The border between inside and outside of your home will disappear. You can now consider your patio as a home addition.

Natural Light Patio Covers can bring the shade, but at the same time, the sunlight to your patio. This is the main and great quality of these acrylic patio covers.

They block the sun’s heat and 100% of its UV and protect your loved ones from bad weather.

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Even if the weather is not favorable, Natural Light Patio Covers allow you to use and enjoy your outdoor space together with your family and friends without sacrificing your desire for fresh air and natural light. In fact, they maintain and even increase the effect of natural light and adjust the luminosity.

These natural light acrylic covers are used in many exterior applications. They can be entirely customized to fit a wide range of exterior projects such as deck or patio covers, carport covers, sunroom roof sheeting, hot tub or pool enclosures, greenhouses etc.

Amazingly is that the Natural Light Covers improve even the brightness of your patio adjacent rooms. The rooms are more enjoyable and even brighter. These acrylic sheeting creates a diffuse and soft light, blocking the UV rays and reflecting the sun heat.

More than that acrylic sheeting is an environmentally friendly option because:

1. They are made of 100% recyclable materials.
2. They have a long life span and can be recycled again.

Acrylite makes Natural Light Patio Covers a unique product to British Columbia, Canada.

Acrylite is an incredible component that has proven resistance and durability in the construction of greenhouses. Acrylite is used successfully for over 30 years in the greenhouse industry.

Natural Light Patio Covers come in a wide range of day-lighted roofing sheets that can suit almost any of exterior application. Sheets have different solar tints that allow the passing of only a certain amount of light and heat. Meanwhile these solar tints block the damaging effect of UV rays.

Amazingly is that these Natural Light Patio Covers have an R-value for insulating.

Natural Light Patio Covers are practically maintenance free products. They can be cleaned occasionally with a garden house and then only when not raining.

How I mentioned above these natural light covers have a long span. The warranty is 30 years. They are impact resistant, shatterproof and they will not discolor in time.

Truly, these Natural Light Patio Covers are a great choice for your patio or other exterior project.