Shabby Chic Bedroom or Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

You can say without any doubt that shabby chic style and bohemian style are the same or at least similar. If you’re a romantic it is impossible not to appreciate such a style. A shabby chic bedroom or a bohemian bedroom has a special charm, bringing the scent of a bygone era nowadays.

How can you create a shabby chic bedroom?

Choose pastel or at least colors for the room walls, curtains, furniture, decorations and accessories. Pale green, blue and especially, pink work great for a bohemian or shabby chic style.

An ingenious and smart solution is to add painted bead board to the bedroom walls. This will create a cozy cottage feel and look especially when painted in pastel or neutral shade. Beautiful wall art decorations lead to an eclectic style.

Framed botanical or floral prints can fit perfectly into your shabby chic design. Antique and inwrought frames around old pictures can also make a special effect. Consider placing an old but beautiful colored quilt on the wall for color, texture and artistic impression.

A generally used option is to hang old window shutters on a wall. You can add different items such as dried flowers or art work on the panels to create an aesthetic effect.

You could also include several romantic, soft fabrics in the bedroom.

Vintage crocheted bedspreads or made from soft fabrics or chenille work great on your bed. Add several other folded bedspreads in matching colors across the bed foot for more interest. In fact, slip covers are common in a cottage shabby chic interior decorating. Choose also a lounge chair or a comfortable recliner or and add a beautiful slip cover. Place several few cushions covered in chenille to complete the overall look.

Airy, light window treatments are the best for a romantic bohemian bedroom. However, choose only window treatments in pastel colors that complement the overall look of your bedroom. Don’t forget to choose a curtain rod, which is in the same vintage tone. A distressed wood rod or a beige-colored metal rod works pretty well.

The accent items in your bedroom add the last finishing touches to the shabby chic style. Choose several eclectic pieces to add interest to your bedroom.

This might include distressed picture frames, old ceramic pieces, a romantic vase filled with flowers or a wicker bed tray. Vintage lamp shades covered with multicolored flowers also work great in the bedroom. Floral pieces usually are part of any shabby chic décor. You can find various and beautiful pieces at thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets to start your shabby chic collection.

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