Build Your House According to the Cardinal Directions

Whether you want to stay at home watching a televised football match without afternoon sun to be reflected in the TV screen, whether you want a bright kitchen to grow herbs, the orientation of your home greatly influences how you will use it.

Weather Vane
Cardinal Directions

The architect can adjust and reconfigure the house so that you to make the most from this positioning, although most of the times, the house position is dictated by the environment and the orientation of neighboring buildings.  

South.  This is the side of the house, which will receive the more heat in winter. Therefore, there would be good to be placed residential areas and rooms that you use most often. However, the rooms which are located southward need blinds suitable for a sun that can sometimes be too strong.

North. It’s the cool part of the house and therefore you can place rooms that do not use very often or have large glass areas, for example, bathrooms, office, storage or dressing. In the same time, if you cook a lot, you can place the kitchen to the north to avoid the heat excess.

East. Because it gets a lot of light in the morning, east and south-east are suitable for bedrooms or playrooms for children. However, if you do not cook very much and therefore do not use a heat source to produce steam, then you can also place the kitchen on the east side. After all, a room flooded with light is ideal for a family breakfast.

West. This cardinal point provides good light in the afternoon and evening. All depends what area of ​​the house you want to receive as much as possible, natural light in the afternoon. If the living room is a seating area, a reading and discussion place with friends then it can be placed to the west. If, instead, is a multi-media area with screens that are hardly noticeable in strong sunlight, avoid west.


Pay attention to the amount of glass used when planning the positioning and orientation of the house. Large glass areas all around the home can look sensational, but they can transform your home into an oven in summer and in an igloo in the winter.