How to Create a Little Garden Inside of Your Loft, Condominium or Apartment

Many of us live in the middle of big cities. For an active man with a vibrant life is advantageous. This means you are close to work, so do not commute. In addition, you are close to all facilities of a large city such as theater, cinema, sports or cultural events and last but not least, nightlife.

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What is missing is the oasis of peace and tranquility that only a garden can offer you. That is frustrating for those who love nature and want to have their own living thing.

However, with imagination and creativity, following a few tips you can create a small garden inside of your apartment or condominium. Creating and maintaining a garden can fill your life.

Using smart the space of your apartment you will be able to bring the nature inside.

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Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a smart choice for apartments and generally for small spaces.

The idea is that you can bring the green inside it without wasting your apartment space.

What can you grow in hanging baskets?

You can actually, cultivate any plant adaptable to the atmosphere and low light of an enclosed space such as “Philodendron” , “English Ivy” or “Pothos”. Options are more numerous in case of a bright apartment with an opening to the South.

However, you can plant even, vegetables and fruits in these hanging baskets such as “cherry tomatoes” or “strawberries”.

On the other hand, if you prefer an exotic atmosphere, consider plants such as “Hoya plants”.

Pots & Large Containers

Using different sizes of pots or large containers, you can give rein to your imagination and creation. Vivid colors, different textures and heights are all you need for a great look.

If you do not get much natural light then choose plants such as “Impatiens” or “Coleus”.

If you have a bright apartment with large openings then choose light-loving plants such as “New Guinea Impatiens” or “Moonbeam Coreopsis”. “Sweet Potato Vine” would be a good choice too.

An Indoor Greenhouse

When we speak of a greenhouse, we think of a building with walls made of metal and glass.

But again, with a little imagination you can create a pseudo greenhouse inside your apartment.

What do you need?

You need only two things, a few metal shelves and some shop lamps of different lengths. Use bulbs that emit a light similar with natural light or even simple use a combination of warms and cools bulbs that creates a large spectrum.

Choose plants appropriate in size to the distance between shelves.

There are so many varieties from which to choose from. Many varieties of vegetables, flowers or fruits are perfectly fit for your shelves.

A Garden on Your Windowsill

A open large windowsill facing South is your chance to grow your own herbs that can be used in your kitchen.

You van cultivate and grow varieties such as “Arugula”, “Mesclun Mix”, “Lettuce”, “Radishes” or “Spinach”. Plant them in wooden boxes or better, in “Earth Boxes”.

Earth boxes are not expensive and are perfect for your purpose. You can use them both inside and outside.

CONCLUSION: The small space of your apartment should not stop you from realizing your dream. Your little garden can fill your life; can be your relaxation and tranquility oasis. Surely, you will leave your daily stress outside of your apartment door.