Give your rental apartment a makeover

Smart tips for your rented apartment.

Renters rarely want to spend a lot of money on new floors, bathrooms, or kitchens, but their rickety kitchen cabinets and worn-out floors can still be a source of daily annoyance. Fortunately, your landlord doesn’t have to get involved in any of the numerous low-cost improvements you can make to a rental property.

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Several tips and ideas

With new handles that complement the rest of the decor in the house, worn-out kitchen cabinets can appear significantly better.

Although open shelving in the kitchen is contemporary, your landlord might not have thought of it. In order to store the doors and fittings in the cellar, carefully unscrew them.

Whitewashing your oak floors will balance out the tone variations if they are discolored and damaged. The lime in the soap formulation brightens your floors.

If you can’t touch the sink or the tiles, give yourself a makeover by removing the plain mirror and replacing it with a contemporary one. Just be sure to keep the previous copy.

Double-sided tape is your friend if drilling holes in the bathroom tiles or only the walls is prohibited. With the best kind, you can hang a light shelf because it can support up to 80 kg (176 lbs.) of weight.

A useful movable table is a good method to add more cutting and chopping area in the kitchen if there isn’t enough table space.

You may cover up unsightly stains or flooring with a good rug.

Attach lovely corkboards to your wall with double-sided tape or adhesive, then hang your pictures with drawing pins.

Spending a bit more on a few additional gorgeous lamps is worthwhile because you can take them with you again.

Overall, selecting lovely home decorations may make a big difference in the way people see your home. Spend a little more time selecting the most gorgeous shower curtain and offering a lot of lovely plants that will both adorn and conceal any unpleasant areas of the rental home.

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