Cheap Ways to Brighten and Improve Any Room in Your Home

Would you like your house always be fashionable with modern decorations and accessories? If you are a person who doesn’t like the monotony and want to give his home personality, then make it look different and stylish. You do not need large sums of money to do this, just a little inspiration. Here are some ways you that can cheer up any room:

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Add Plants

Plants give a fresh and cheerful look to any room. It is not necessary to spend large sums of money to decorate your home with plants. Take cuttings of flowers that you like from your neighbors or friends and plant them in “personalized” pots. Opt for special shaped ceramic pots, that you can paint yourself in vivid colours. You can use also baskets or nice plastic pots.

Rearrange Your Furniture and Decorations

It is easy to mount furniture in place and leave it there for several years, but you’ll find that a simple rearrangement will totally change the look of your room. Do not limit yourself only to a room. Look around the house and think about how you might redecorate rooms using the furniture and decorations everywhere. You’ll notice that simply changing a picture place will make, the room to look different.

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Use Fabrics

You can use decorations and furniture items in other way than their original purpose. For example, you can use a shawl or a scarf to cover a coffee table or as a curtain for a small window. You can create pillowcases made from curtains or other fabrics that you have in the house. Also, you can customize your table lamps replacing the shade or adding them fringes, ribbons or other applications.

Create Special Scents

If you have somehow lavender, basil or mint around your house and you like the smell of these plants, you can fill your whole house with this fragrance. Make small bouquets of these plants, let them dry, then soak them in a bowl of hot water. Flavor will be more intense and will fill quickly your whole home.

Another option is to cut slices of lemon and orange, let them dry and then use them to create various arrangements of fruit, flowers and herbs. Also, look for candles or scented candles and use them to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Update Your Photos

We all have favorite photos that you keep in view, which are important elements of decor that also customize our home. Once in a while you can change these images, including their frames. Paint the frames with water-based paint, oil or latex, in a cheerful tone. In addition to photos from last holiday, for example, you can place also the souvenirs purchased.

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