Decorate Your Home with or without the Advice of an Interior Designer

Interior design is more than just aesthetics. It is an art, in the true sense of the word. It is a discipline that involves finding creative design solutions for interiors, taking into account the health, safety and comfort of occupants, in other words, improving their quality of life.

In fact, the whole interior space of a building, from the architectural design elements and components of structure, to the smallest details of decoration is interior design.

The Role of an Interior Designer

Following a coordinated and systematic methodology, analysis and carefully integration of all the knowledge into the project, an interior designer is oriented to the resources and needs of the client to create an interior space that meets the project objectives.

He takes care of selecting and promoting a style that would represent the best his client. In other words he takes care of your home subdivision and general ambiance of the house, considering the materials used, thermal comfort, lighting, furniture, color and decorative accessories.

Do You Really Need the Advice of an Interior Designer?

Knowing these details, many would be inclined to opt for professional advice when they want to design their home or to redecorate a room, but in practice very few homeowners hire an interior designer for their projects.

Generally, many homeowners are influenced by the “simple and efficient” solutions on the front page of the magazines or by the advices found from the online websites and blogs. The financial aspect is also an important factor. Therefore, some homeowners find it more convenient to handle personal the interior decoration of their home. Actually this option is not exactly wrong if these persons are creative and they are happy with the result.

But in both cases there are both advantages and disadvantages. Let us see what are the pros and cons in hiring an interior decorator.

Hiring an Interior Designer – Advantages and Disadvantages

Those who want to decorate their own homes will have freedom of choice. They can create their own style and will save some money, being able to compare prices.

But as we all know, is a fine line between sublime and ridiculous. Therefore, they should be aware that all furniture and decor items to match, keeping the same line and blending harmoniously to create a whole.

The danger is quite high. People who do not have a strong fashion sense will make wrong choices, most often without realizing. The result will be catastrophic, not to mention the extra money spent to correct the mistakes.

However, if you decided to leave your home in the hands of a professional interior designer you should take into account the following aspects:


A) You will get a professional advice,
B)  The result will be according to your expectations,
C) You will fit in the budget for this project,
D) You will be updated with the latest trends in interior design.


A) The interior designer can influence your decisions if he thinks what you want cannot be achieved or if your choices are not suitable.
B) Another major disadvantage is the fee that you must pay for specialist advice.

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