Silver Interior Decorating – Elegance and Refinement

Silver furniture and decorations as well as the gold ones have brought glamour, charm and luxury in many homes over time. Silver inlay furniture, handicrafts and decorative silver objects have always been a symbol of prosperity and luxury for any house.

Of course, over time, traditions and trends in interior design have changed, but despite all these changes in trends and tastes, certain metals, such as gold or silver, have preserved the elegance and the charm of yesteryear.

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It is true that not many people can afford buying a silver inlay furniture because of relatively high price but also because of the high degree of difficulty involved by decorating the interior. Be it furniture or any other decorative items made ​​of silver, they must fit in the general ambience and style of the room, but at the same time, they must be suited to the lifestyle of the homeowner.

Silver inlaid furniture has created practically the ambiance of Victorian era giving the space a regal charm and beauty through its ancient appearance. However, traditional and refined furniture with silver inlay has also found many admirers today, being used both to create a decor “aristocratic” and also a modern contemporary environment.

Silver items fit very well with a classic style. The furniture can be “dressed” all in silver or only have a few decorative elements in this precious metal such as the handles of chests of drawers, the legs of a table or seats, or the frame of a mirror. Tables and chairs are usually fine pieces made ​​from teak wood carved and decorated with intricate silver.

A silvery décor can be based both on large furnishings such as wardrobe, table, chairs, etc or on small simple items such as a coffee table, a vase, silver mirror and pictures frames, etc that highlight the theme of the room.

–         Silver is a color that can easily be combined with other shades.

–          It can be successfully applied in both bright and in the dark rooms.

–         As part of the colour field of colour gray, silver exudes a festive atmosphere, and can vary from light gray to very light gray.


a)     To create a continuity between furniture and the rest of the room, you can embed small amounts of silver in your decor in different accessories and decorations such as candlesticks, lamps, pillows, flower vases, etc.

b)    For a glamorous ambiance combine silver with bright colors such as pastels.

c)     In combination with black you get a contemporary décor and in combination with white, your room will look elegant and refined.

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