Classic Italian Home Decorating

Classic Italian décor and interior design is charming, stylish and inviting. We can say unreservedly that this style brings the tradition, the tranquility, the romance and why not the luxury and the charm of the old-world into your home.

Extremely rich colors in earth tones, wonderful and exquisite accessories, intricately detailed and heavy furniture are just some of the elements in this elegant style.

Wall colors, window coverings, décor accessories and furniture can easily be adapted and transformed to create a romantic and warm living space inspired by “Bella Italia”.

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Window Treatments

When dressing your home windows in Italian-inspired style, take in consideration two important elements: texture and color.

Your curtains and drapes should mirror and integrate in the overall room color scheme. Do not hang curtains that make a discordant note with the color of the walls. This is a basic rule of Italian style.

For example, if your living room has three bon-white (beige) walls and a rich colored wall, you should hang only drapes that contain these two colours or at least their nuances.

Do not forget the texture. Your curtains should have some kind of texture, to provide an extra touch of Italian charm and elegance.

Do not forget also to coordinate and integrate each room design element with textures and colors. That will create a unified and also a very dynamic living space.

Walls – Rich Earth-Tone Colours and Texture

The walls in any Italian style decorated room are rich in colors and texture. There are simple and easy ways to achieve this look. The trick is to use short painting strokes with your brush fully loaded with paint. This will give the look of a textured wall. However, for a more Italian style look, you can apply plaster on the wall surface.

It is well known that wall colors greatly influence your mood while providing inspiration for the overall room design.

Because Italian-style interior design is inspired by the nature and earth, it is better to choose earth-tone hues for the room walls. A wall painted in a terra cotta color surrounded by sandy beige walls will give your room the feel and the look of an Italian villa room.

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Intricately Detailed and Heavy Furniture

When choosing furniture for an Italian-inspired home interior decorated space, think heavy, embellishments, scrollwork and intricate detailing.

The most common are furniture pieces made from different combination of materials especially manufactured of metal, wrought iron and of course wood.

For example, a wrought iron or metal coffee table with a wood or stone or top is a regular piece of furniture in any Italian-inspired living room. It is a remarkable object, beautiful and stylish that brings a touch of elegance to the room in question.

Wooden furniture covers a wide range of colors and shades from light to dark. Even though at first glance they seem cumbersome and complicated these sophisticated furniture pieces invite European classic elegance into your home.

Décor Accessories

Accessorizing your living space is similar with coordinating a perfect outfit. Pieces need to have a dual role: a functional role and to enhance the overall look of your living space.

In fact, they are similar and complement the furniture. They should have similar embellishments or detailing and should be rich in color.

Scrolling wall sconces, wrought iron ornaments and candleholders create a genuine Italian décor. Very popular are ceramic tiles also in earth-tone colors and canvas that depict a beautiful Tuscany landscape or a picturesque Italian narrow street. They will give you space interest, charm and appeal.

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