How to Add “Height” to a Room

Unfortunately, modern home architecture has nothing in common with the refinement of old houses. True, the new building technologies and advanced materials have a decisive mark on building comfort today, but the charm and luxury of old houses is not found in them.

Large windows, high walls, wide staircases seem detached from a dream or a classic movie. However, even if you do not have the space of your dreams, there are some interior design solutions for every problem.

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In general a modern home today such as an apartment or condominium is low in height. So let’s see in this article how you can give the impression of height to your room.

Choose Light Colours for the Walls

If the wall color is dark, your room will appear as “shrinks” and loses height. So, you should opt for light shades. Of course this does not mean that all the room walls should be painted white. The best choices for your home are pastel shades of blue, green or purple. If you want something stronger, you can choose bright, radiant colours, instead of dark and dense ones.

However, if you do not like pastel shades, then use a few tricks that can make the room look taller than it really is.

  • First, you can choose a lighter version than the nuance that you wanted initially.
  • If you’re not willing to give up your favorite color, then paint only one wall in this darker colour. In this way, the space will seem more open and larger.
  • You can also bring in your favorite color with the help of large pictures. In this way you can make a successful combination between a pastel surface and a massive painting in strong colors. Not only will it give the room the impression of height, but it will be much easier to change later the shade of the walls, if you get bored of the same color.

Paint the Ceiling

Like the walls, the ceiling should be in a light shade otherwise, you lose one of the key elements in your efforts to provide the illusion of height.

Most ceilings are white, but if this idea doesn’t please you, choose a shade similar to the walls, maybe with a lighter tone than these. The idea is to create fluidity between walls and ceiling, so to have continuity to the eye, without stopping in colour differences locating in this way, the true dimensions of walls.

Avoid at all costs, applying architectural elements on the ceiling, because they will take the fluid effect that you want to create between the ceiling and walls.

Use a Darker Floor

If the walls need to be in a light shade, the base of your room, the floor will make the contrast.

In general, you need a dark hardwood floors, or if you already cannot make such radical changes, choose a large rug in dark colors. Do not opt ​​for small rugs because their small size will “take” from the ceiling height.

Choose Low Furniture

Try to create a light, uncluttered decor that can open your limited space. Do not squeeze your furniture in a too small space and use only furniture pieces that you really need.

Choose only low furniture, because it “will add” a few inches in height to your room.

Decorations and Accessories

Play with the heights when installing your accessories and decorations. Whether we are speaking of plants or decorative items, they should be tall and of larger sizes. For example, a thin vase with a bamboo yarn is one of the arrangements that may be suitable, giving the illusion of a room higher than it actually is.

In terms of pictures, choose the ones, which urge the eye to the vertical line. A portrait is a perfect example to make the walls look taller. There are not indicated the genre landscape paintings, because the eye will wander horizontally.

However, make sure that the darker elements are located at the bottom of the paintings. If you do not want to use large pictures, then choose a smaller group of paintings arranged on the wall in a vertical line. This solution is ideal when you do not have an item of furniture that you can coordinate it with the painting like a picture placed above the sofa.

Use more Light

In a large space, diffused light creates ambiance. Unfortunately, in a room with a low ceiling, it invites more to depression than privacy. A bright light may be the answer to a limited space.

Try to have plenty of light coming from the ceiling. Therefore, opt for lamps, chandeliers and spotlights. You can also choose high floor lamps. They catch the eye up and brighten the ceiling, making the room to appear higher.

Use these simple tips and your home will seem more spacious and rooms will seem higher than in reality.

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