The Most Common Types of Wood for Furniture

Wood is the most desirable material when it comes to indoor furniture. It is durable and looks stylish, being by far the best choice for your home.

Depending on the density of the material, wood is divided into two categories:

Softwoods: fir, cedar, pine, juniper, lime, aspen, poplar simple, willow, alder, chestnut;
Hardwoods: beech, birch, oak, elm, plane, maple, mountain ash, Greek walnut, ash, apple, white acacia, hornbeam, corn, pistachio, yew.

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Let’s see, the main types of wood for furniture.

Mahogany: Antique mahogany furniture is an excellent choice due to its extraordinary gloss. Its use in the furniture industry has begun heavily after the 18th century and today is a wood quite difficult to be obtained. Therefore, its price is higher than other types of wood prices.

Oak:  It is a high quality wood and is really valuable if it is properly dried. If it is dry naturally, then it takes a period of 12 years to meet all quality criteria. But then it will become very expensive. It is used for luxury furniture, construction of yacht,  etc. White oak is used mainly in the construction of barrels or other containers for liquid storage. Due to the material texture, this wood does not allow any leakage.

Beech: It is a hardwood with a reddish color. It is used in all types of furniture and is appreciated for its flexibility. It is considered a cheaper alternative to oak furniture and the wood qualities of both are in fact, quite similar.

Fir: Although fir wood is cheaper than many other types of wood, it has a sufficient quality, good enough to be very popular among the admirers of wooden furniture. Can be painted or covered with transparent lacquer. Its knotty wood texture makes it also be a popular choice. It is most widely used for furniture with rustic aspect, but it is also successfully used to build shelves and cabinets.

Cherry Wood: Like mahogany, cherry wood has a dark reddish color. It is considered a noble wood and is used for manufacturing, luxury furniture.

Walnut: Walnut is a type of hardwood with a straight grain that becomes wavy down towards roots. Its colour varies from light brown to dark brown. It is a wood type highly appreciated in furniture industry, especially black and English walnut. Walnut is durable and strong and its shape easily making it an excellent choice for furniture ornaments such as headboards and mantelpieces.

Birch: Birch is a type of hardwood that is extremely durable and strong.  It comes from birch tree and is an increasingly popular choice for the production of furniture. Birch wood has a yellow color pretty similar to the pine color, but usually is stained in an amber color. It is used generally to make different kind of furniture such as coffee tables, dining tables and wardrobes.

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