Cool and Coastal Interior Design

Coastal interior design is characterized as airy, breezy filled with pastel, sometimes accent colors and neutral elements that reflects the beach motif.

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Whether you are decorating a simple beach cottage or your home, Coastal design style is a charming and why not? a fun way to bring the beauty and wonders of outdoors in.

Coastal design is often inspired by the coastal decor and beach with white walls, coral and blue accents, natural wood, rocks and shells. The color palette is generally characterized as “breezy” with pastel or even bright nuances influenced by the sand and ocean.

To attain the beautiful interior look of a beach cabin or cottage, clapboard and bead board are usually used as wall coverings. Plenty of natural light is getting inside through the use of white slatted blinds or sheer window panels. Furniture is light, casual, functional and comfortable so as to fit easily in with vacation feeling and also with the active and funny beachfront lifestyle. Interiors are spacious and often accented by regional design and decor elements as fishing, nautical, starfish, shells, etc from well-known coastal communities, like Caribbean, Pacific Coast, Nantucket or Hampton’s.

Design and Décor Elements

• A color palette that reflects the coastal décor and beach with white walls, soft corals, blues, pastel greens and light colored wooden floors.
• Light colored wooden floors are common to beachfront properties and coastal areas and preferred because they are easy and simple to clean and maintain in this breezy, sandy environment.
• White wooden slat coverings or sheer window panels are often used to let and enhanced natural light in through the windows
• Functional, comfortable, casual and low-maintenance furniture pieces that can be easily maintained and cleaned.
• Clapboard or bead board are typical wall coverings, and are generally painted chalky white.
• Interior decorating is a incorporation of sea life, fishing, nautical motifs and other regionally-inspired themes.

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