A Beautiful Home within a Limited Budget

Of course, each of us wants a house according to the latest interior design trends and catalogs. Every time you browse the pages of the interior design catalogs, you are overwhelmed by the creative ideas of designers. How can be arranged and decorated a house, the paid attention to the small details that really “make a difference” and every trick used for a warm and welcoming ambiance, impresses and thrill you.

Photo by BROWN DAVIS ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORSMore dining room photos

You dream how is to live in such rooms yo and think about how you can transform your home in these beautiful interiors that you see in the pages of the magazines.

But one thing will awaken you to reality. And this is the budget. Once you close the magazine, the dream crumble, and you come back down to earth by telling you that from a financial standpoint it is impossible to bring a team of specialists who can transform your entire home into a dream house.

Fortunately, there are inexpensive ways and means that can help you to change your living place in one like those seen in commercials, movies and magazines.

Highlight what is Beautiful: The idea is simple. In the commercials, is photographed or filmed everything that is beautiful and every detail that must be revealed. You should proceed in the same way, in your home: to reveal what is beautiful and to hide all that is insignificant. The first thing you need to do is to sort things according to their importance and beauty.

Inexpensive Decorating Ideas | Budget-Friendly Design #14 (video)

For example the vintage or any other tableware style forgotten in a drawer comes out from under the thick layer of dust, and can be placed on a shelf somewhere out of sight. It can become a wonderful decorative accessory suited for kitchen or dining room.

Vases with a more distinctive design, grouped placed on a sideboard can be an attractive decorative item, which highlight a certain corner of the room and even can become the focal point of this room. A glass bowl with flower petals placed on the coffee table in front of the living room sofa invites us to take a coffee break and chat with the loved ones or friends.

Gloss and Metalized Colours: Gloss and metalized colors render each piece of furniture to shine. Thus, if you have a piece of furniture that puts the room in a bad light, but it has sentimental value or your budget does not allow to replace it and you cannot buy another new one, then it is recommended to polish it and then to apply a light lake: ivory (ivory), gray – silver or white.

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