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Contemporary style in the interior design

Today, contemporary interior design means that everyone desires to combine three factors, namely comfort, functionality, and elegance. A contemporary interior design also needs to be accessible to everyone.

Seaside Contemporary Apartment

Therefore, a contemporary style interior is a skillful mix of inexpensive materials and textures thar will help in the implementation of decorating ideas. Also, a discreet and practical color palette.

Contemporary design style owes many ideas to the modern Scandinavian style with its minimalism, elegance, and careful attention to every detail.

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We want to show you how to create a modern apartment interior décor and what are the new trends in the contemporary living.

So, we have uploaded a new video in our YouTube channel that contains many creative designer ideas for a modern apartment.

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Ultimate Contemporary living (3) – GET INSPIRED!  Modern Apartment Designs, #35 (video)

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Contemporary style properties

Ultimate contemporary living – maximum functionality and usability.

The interior is somehow minimalist with built-in closets, niches, underneath bed drawers, etc.

A desire to unite every space, no matter the size in a modern open concept.

The idea is that the living space to look more spacious than it really is.

Contemporary style is ideal for studio apartments and one-bedroom small apartments. But not only.

However, the open space is divided into functional zones such as dining area, living area, kitchen, home office, etc.

A contemporary style attracts not only because is functional but also for the ability to change the layout simply and easily according to family change priorities and to fashion trends.

In fact, interior interchangeability and a simple layout is a hallmark of this design style.

What about the furniture?

Modern furniture with smooth contours in clean geometry with straight lines that invite you to relax and rest.

But not only straight lines. You can also find elongated lines, circles, ovals, ellipses, and more.

Futuristic elements are also met, eclecticism, neoclassicism, and elements of art deco are perfectly integrated in a contemporary décor.

Textures and colors

A contemporary interior décor means harmony of colors and materials that brings inner peace and serenity. Large variety of shades, nuances highlighted by glossy and sometimes matte surfaces.

Decent materials, calm color palettes, and sleek design.

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