Cool Color Palette – Shades of Blue in Interior Design

Interior Design Ideas for Home Interiors in Blue Color Palette

We have presented in both our website and YouTube channel many and various ideas for home interior color palettes. We have learned how important are the colors for your feeling and health. Let’s see today how to design and decorate a home interior in blue color combinations.

Living Room in Blue Color Palette

After all, the freshness of this color, especially in lighter nuances, begins to become increasingly attractive.

Sea and sky, space and horizon, freedom and purity are part of the associative perception of everyone in these design ideas presented in our new uploaded video. Please watch the video “Cool Color Palette – Shades of Blue in Interior Design” from the YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” , where we have selected ones of the best home interiors in blue color palettes.

Cool Color Palette – Shades of Blue in Interior Design | Decorating with Colors #18 (video)

Watch our video, check out the images, use some ideas, and translate your wish into reality.

Do not be afraid about costs. Many ideas are affordable and easy to apply. It is not necessary to spend a large sum of money.

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Blue and its shades can take a large variety of shapes and fabrics from curtains, drapes trough walls, panels, and furniture to the ethereal presence of hidden light and glass (windows and decorative objects).

You will see in our video many color combinations such as blue and white, blue and brown, etc.

Especially blue and white. A fabulous color combination. Any shade of blue can be easily combined with white.

Photo by Rhonda Vandiver-WhiteMore living room ideas

Creating a personal and fabulous home interior in blue color palette

Creating a fabulous and personal home interior décor in blue color palette does not have to be difficult. Watch our video and get inspired. We will guide you through all kinds of rooms and styles.

We will also give you decorative tips on how to create a fascinate home interior in blue.

Let’s see several ideas from our YouTube video:

  • Nordic style living room in blue and white color combination.
  • Lovely kids’ room in blue color.
  • Retro style bedroom with a vintage touch in blue and beige color palette.
  • Fabulous living room decor in dark blue and beige.
  • Contemporary bedroom in shades of blue.

We sincerely hope you like our ideas from this post, and you have also enjoyed the YouTube video.

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