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Let the carpet set the living room style

Place a beautiful area rug with a distinctive, modern pattern in front of the living room sofa. It will emphasize your personal style and at the same time highlight the colors in the room in a completely new way.

Paint outside the box

Play with paint colors. For example, use neutral background and a vivid color for the accent wall. Or something unusual. Continue the door frame color a good distance on the wall.

Reflect the natural light

Hang one or more large mirrors that reflect the natural light and highlight new areas of the room.

Change color theme according to the season

Bring the season colors into your living room. Changing the sofa cushions is a quick way to change and new expressions, whether you want to test out a retro, vintage design style or something else minimalist or more strict and graphic.

Create an inviting and warm atmosphere

Create a nice, warm, and inviting décor with flowers and candlesticks on tables and shelves. It creates coziness.

And speaking about flowers:

Add color into the living room décor with flowers

Set out ceramic or glass vase filled with fresh flowers, most preferably wildflower bouquets.

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