How to Reduce the Price of Your Kitchen Renovation

You want to live in your dream house but sometime you cannot afford to make some expensive renovations. Of course, a kitchen renovation is expensive as well, and you do not want to take measures that could result in a poor quality of the renovations.

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That would be detrimental to the value of your house and to the living standard of your family.

What is the solution? You want high quality renovations but within budget limits.

Let’s see some ways to keep the renovation cost low without quality reduction.

1. Reduce the Cost of the Labor:

One of the biggest parts of the renovation cost is the cost of the labor. If you are a skilled or handy homeowner you can do yourself the most part of the job, or at least you can prepare the kitchen for the professional team. That will save a lot of money.

How can you help?

a)     You can demolish the kitchen and remove the debris.
b)    You can remove the old tiles and the old kitchen floor.
c)     You can assist the professional team during the work.
d)    You can do yourself the painting or tiling.
e)     You should be very explicit with the persons you hire to do the job such as plumbers, electricians, cabinetmakers. They need to understand perfectly your requirements. This will shorten the job time and will save money.

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2. Smart Ideas for Shopping of Accessories and Materials:

First, you need to establish a renovation budget. Saving costs of kitchen materials and accessories will keep the renovation cost down.

a)     Recycling is a good way to save money. Do not replace the appliances or the kitchen fittings that you are happy with.
b)    Before buying, look around at the market for the best prices.
c)     It is the best to shop during sale seasons. You can save a lot of money from discounts.
d)    Consider buying a pre-fabricated kitchen. You can buy a pre-fabricated kitchen (IKEA, Bunnings) at a fraction of cost than a custom-built kitchen.
e)     Buying online is another way to save money.
f)      Refinishing is sometime cheaper than replacing and you can have good results.  You can refinish the countertops, the floors the cabinet doors.
g)     Do not spend money on non-essential appliances or objects such as garbage disposal unit.