Copper – The “Must Have” Element in Interior Design

In recent years, metal has become the material of choice for interior designers, especially copper, so to get a spectacular setting, you should choose elements in copper color. Find out in this article how to use copper in interior design.

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Picture Frames: Picture Frames are perfect for framed memories with loved ones or favorite images. But to highlight them, and add also some sumptuous accents, choose some made ​​of copper or with a copper look. They are elegant and charming.

Decorative Pillows: Decorative pillows are accessories with which you can change the look of the room, without affecting your budget. Depending on the chosen pattern, you can get a cheerful or elegant room decoration.

If however, you want an impressive and luxurious space, then it is recommended to choose some copper-colored cushions. Associate those with elements in brown shades, adding some gold accents and using decorative pillows made ​​from sequins, and your living room will be a spectacular one.

Copper Candlesticks: Minimalist or Scandinavian style lovers can decorate their house using copper candlesticks. It’s good to choose one with a simple line, but made ​​of copper, to add brilliance to your living space. Copper is perfect in a setting decorated in non-colors, and grayscale.

Metal Chairs: Metal chairs have become a must have in interior design. They are a strong trend, promoting at the same time, the idea of sustainability. Decorating your home with chairs made ​​of copper or a look similar to this metal, you can get a room with an industrial look and cool at the same time.

Decorative Accessories: It is known that the details are those that make the difference in any space and are able to give it personality. Details are very important in interior design and decorative accessories are among them. Whatever style that decorate your home, especially if you want to increase its value, use copper-colored decorations. For full effect, combine them with silver accents, and the result will be wow!

Lighting Fixtures: The star of this year, in any home, it is without a doubt the metal light fixture, especially the one made of copper. An unusual décor, full of personality, will also have these objects in the foreground. Lighting fixtures in copper color are a must have and they are suitable for both a contemporary space, and one industrial, minimalist or eclectic.

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