Eclectic Modern Interior Design

Eclectic is a quite common word in interior design phraseology, implying a home decor that a mixture of style, time periods, textures, colors, and trends, in other words several heterogeneous elements together. However, there is a thin line, between a attractively designed eclectic room and a living space that is chaotic and higgledy-piggledy, without any unifying motive or theme.

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How to capture eclectic style design at its best? Perhaps you should focus on spaces that manage to bridge your taste, sensibilities and design styles across several decades. In other words, that means to mix old and modern, contemporary and antique, fanciful and serious. For example, a heavy and grandiose Victorian armchair covered with thick velvet may be paired with a nice mid-century coffee table so as, through contrast, to highlight the specific beauty of each furniture piece. Eclectic decorating style also appeals to us because it come up with a vibrant canvas for our gradually develop of taste and whims.

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How to Attain a Beautiful Eclectic Décor in Interior Design

The eclectic design style is characterized especially by the fact that it is not a defined style. Eclectic style is the borrowing and mixture of several styles, theories and ideas collected from several time periods and distinct origins and mixing them within a single interior design project.

Certainly, a lot of creativity, thoughts, and many efforts are necessary in order to make your eclectic style project look great and at the same aesthetically interconnected. It is not enough to throw all your stuff together. Eclectic design style works only when you to make all the different styles from your room work cohesively. Elements, such as furniture pieces, accessories should be thoughtfully and carefully connected with the other style parts in the room. Don’t use bold or vivid colors. They need to be neutral to further help the different and distinct styles and influences come together avoiding the chaotic look with the other design features.

You can create easily a combination of all the distinct styles such as Country, Traditional, Rustic, Contemporary, Modern, Tropical, Vintage, Coastal, Retro, Asian, Mid-Century, Ethnic, etc. and achieve stunning results.

Perhaps, it could sometimes seem lacking in simplicity or even inelegant , eclectics being also criticized for showing a lack of consistency, but if it is carefully orchestrated, the results are amazing .
You can overcome a stylistic limitation and more than that you can easily innovate and suit home to your personality and needs, be it a mid-century assortment or some contemporary fun with a vintage feel.

Forget the stylistic boundaries and figure out what is your taste and needs. That can brings you great fun.