Create a Stylish Workout Space in Your Home

What could be better than having your own workout space in the privacy of your home?  Although many people prefer to a fitness center, others prefer to do their physical exercises in the comfort and peace of their own home.

And why not? After all, in this way you can have the convenient and flexible program that only a home gym can provide.

Let’s see how you can design your dream home gym.

1| Floor: There are many stylish and viable choices to choose from such as hardwood, laminate, carpet, rubber, vinyl, linoleum or even leather. Another great option could be flocked floor mat, which is quite similar with carpet, but more durable and also easy to maintain and clean.

Either option has advantages and disadvantages. However, if you want your gym to look cool, then maybe you should stop at two, three variants such as a flocked floor mat, leather or rubber.

2| Walls: For the walls you should chose colors and textures that motivate and inspire you. Anyway, it is better to opt for warm colors such as red, orange or

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yellow. In terms of texture, you should look for patterns and textures, which symbolize movement. In other words, look for wallpaper with patterns in relief, geometric.

Another great idea is to cover a wall in graffiti or to hang shelves with sport trophies, cups or small statues anything that can motivate you or inspire you.

Do not forget to cover an entire wall in mirrors. That is essential for a gym. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you will be able to correct your exercises and to keep an eye on your silhouette.

However, a gym requires many hooks on the room walls to hang your ropes, resistance bands or your yoga mats.

3| Ceiling: Ceiling is in fact as the fifth wall of the room. Do not forget that gym is not like any other room, so is required a little more than a white ceiling. Perhaps, a workout poster collage or cool light fixtures can make a difference.

4| Audiovisual Equipment: I’m not going to write or to describe in this article the necessary equipment to a gym. It is the preference of each of us. You know better what you need and what is right for you. But still, one thing is certain. It cannot be a gym without audiovisual equipment.

A DVD player, a TV screen, a stereo system are absolutely necessary.

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