New and Innovative Gadgets for Your Home at CES

Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is the largest exhibition of technology, electronics, IT, communications, gadgets and inventions in the world. It is held every year in Las Vegas and the entire world, keep an eye on CES to see what new applications, phones, tablets, televisions and other electronics have been launched or are about to appear on the market in the next year.

CES 2013

However, the new developments in electronics shown at the Consumer Electronics Show are used in various fields such as cars, office buildings, houses or tourism, not just computers and smart phones.


At CES 2013, LG has made an intelligent application for smart phones with which you can control all the devices and appliances in the house. For this to be possible, all devices in the home should be with embedded NFC chips. Thus, the washing machine, dryer, TV, stereo or air conditioning system can be started, stopped or set remotely, just using your smart phone.

More than that, your devices and appliances can work in tandem, meaning you can program the application so that it to start and warm up the oven when you open the refrigerator or your freezer display can suggests recipes and dishes that you can cook according to the ingredients you already have available in the fridge.

Also the application made ​​by the LG can turn the TV on when you enter the room, can stop it when you leave the room or can reduce the TV volume when your phone rings. However, the electronic devices in the house can be operated also by voice command. The role of these applications developed by LG experts is to maximize the energy efficiency of the house but also to meet the needs of residents and increase their comfort level.

Philips Lifeline

Philips Lifeline has presented GoSafe, a personal emergency response. Even if it is not, directly an innovation for the home, GoSafe targets older people who have health problems, have a high predisposition to suffer fainting, heart attack, unconsciousness and which are long time alone at home or unaccompanied on the road. Using wireless devices, Wi-Fi and GPS, GoSafe automatically initiates an emergency call when the person wearing the device has medical problems and is unable to move or communicate to request help. The automatic call can be initiated towards a relative or the ambulance service. Also, GoSafe allows automatic and accurate location of the person wearing the device. Thus, rescuers can intervene in time.

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