Create an Easy Access to Your Home

It is known that each of us prefer to move from one place to another without problems, without barriers, in other words, to feel more free.

A free driveway and a gentle slope offer your guests the opportunity to move from car to home and back without any problems. In this way, even those who use a wheelchair or a walker will have no problems to access your house.

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Make sure though that this driveway will follow the contour of your property.

However, if your home is built on a hill, you do not have to make a steep driveway, even if it is the shortest way, so as to be almost dangerous to walk on it. It is more advisable to let the access path to get gradually approaching the door, even if this requires you to make a longer way.


Your alley should be about 90 cm (almost 3 feet) wide. Trim the bushes and shrubs that are near the alley and cut the tree branches that hang over it. It is highly recommended to not let it grow trees whose leaves and fruits fall on the driveway, as it may become slippery when it rains. Of course, the driveway should be smooth, but not slippery.

Stairs and Ramp

It goes without saying that any step does not allow an easy access path. But still, if you have stairs they should not be ignored, even if you also have a ramp which allows a more easily access into the house. Make sure that each step has a non slip surface. It is recommended to install a railing near the stairs, even if they are not many in number.


Another barrier that could prevent the easy access to the house is light. It is mandatory to make sure your driveway that will provide access to your home is properly lit at night. To do this, the best are motion based sensor lights that light up only when someone moves near them.

These simple steps will help you to create an easy and also a more practical access to your home.

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