Caulking or Sealing between a Driveway and Foundation of Your House

Concrete driveway has a lower maintenance, more durability than asphalt or gravel driveway and is a great addition to your home and can improve its appearance. However, if the concrete driveway runs from the house foundation, your home can have water issues.

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An improper slope will drive the water towards the foundation.

When installed, the concrete is poured up to the edge of the home foundation, which leaves a crack for water to seep between the two concrete forms.

During cold season, cracks can expand due to the freezing of water.

Failure to stop the water from entering the foundation can lead to serious foundation damage, costing thousands of dollars to fix.

It is best to perform the repairs as soon as you see cracks appear for a variety of reasons. The primary reason to repair quickly is that the task is easier while the cracks are still small.

Caulk and other sealants safeguard your house against rain and snow at vulnerable points such as cracks and open joints.

1/ Scrape out old caulk using a screwdriver or a putty knife. Also, chip away any flakes or loose concrete.

2/ Scour and clean out the crack with a wire brush to remove any dirt and debris. Vacuum the crack between the driveway and the foundation that you want to seal.

3/ Let the surface dry out for at least a day to ensure there is no moisture down in the crack before you seal it.

4/ Use flexible crack and joint sealant, silicone based concrete sealant. Fill the crack to the top all the way across the driveway. Smooth the surface while the compound is still moist.

5/ Allow the crack repair to dry thoroughly before walking or driving on the surface.

6/ For larger cement cracks, you can use sand and concrete patching compound, preferably with a latex additive for flexibility.

NOTE: For serious or exceptionally large concrete crack repairs, you may want to call in a professional. A professional can conduct a risk assessment survey to find out if there is structural damage that needs to be addressed.

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