Rooftop Terraces – Modern and Spectacular Ideas

Decorating your rooftop terrace

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Do you have a rooftop terrace? In this case you are an incredible lucky guy and we are jealous.

A rooftop terrace is more than a backyard garden. It is an oasis in the sky.

With a bit of luck, you will always be in the sun.

And if it is properly arranged and decorated it becomes your own little paradise.

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To help you with that we have selected more than forty creative designer ideas in our new uploaded video from our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” , which is the third part of the video series: “Rooftop Terraces – Modern and Spectacular Ideas

Rooftop Terraces – Modern and Spectacular Ideas (part 3) (video)

So, read this post and watch the video. If these ideas do not give you inspiration for your own rooftop terrace makeover, I do not what will.

However, I am speaking here about inspiration. After all, the furnishing and decorating possibilities of a rooftop terrace are endless.

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Careful, it is in the sky!

Roof terraces or “rooftops” have gained a solid reputation. They are proving to be an outdoor trend that will surely not disappear soon.

Why are trendy?

The answer is simple and clear. Our big cities are filling up. The cost of a residential unit is always increasing. And I am speaking here, about condominiums and apartments not about houses, bot to mansions.

Therefore, a private and personal outdoor space is quite rare. Of course, we have patios, balconies, and maybe a tiny backyard garden.

A rooftop is something else. It is even much more than a garden. For those enough fortunate to own their private rooftop terrace is the paradise.

They also offer scenic views and are much, much larger than a balcony.

Impressive rooftop terraces are today found in almost any large city.

Free cost rooftop terraces?

And the great thing is: you do not have to own a roof terrace to be able enjoy it.

Many department stores have their own roof terraces that are freely accessible. Many restaurants also have a stylish roof terrace where you can enjoy a cup of coffee.

So, you can find many spectacular rooftop terraces for little money.

Thank you so much for your time and your attention.

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