Creative design ideas for Nordic-style living rooms to inspire you (part2)

Nordic-style or Scandinavian home interiors are usually minimalist, simple living spaces. They always tend to be located in bright spaces with a lot of natural light and many other natural features.

Here, in the second part of our article “Creative design ideas for Nordic-style living rooms to inspire you” we bring other creative ideas to inspire you.

Read this article and get inspiration and tips to design a perfect Nordic-style home interior decor.

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Brighten up your home with a pastel or neutral color palette

Add the Scandinavian-style to your home interior with light colors that transmit happiness, peace, lighting, serenity, and harmony such as pastels and neutrals. What do you think for example, about beautiful combination of white with soft pink for a romantic atmosphere in your living space.

If you want warmth and coziness, soft gray or light beige with white is also an amazing color combination that does not fail in this design style.

Accentuate the light tones with decorative accessories in bold colors

Outstanding, large paintings in strong colors can accentuate the neutral color palette in your Nordic-style home interior.

A beautiful decorative idea that does not fail for Nordic or Scandinavian style, the most preferred are group of paintings that contain images of plants and plant motifs.

For a cozy and comfortable room interior, nothing is more fit than a painting with floral motifs. It can be in black and white or in pastel tones that help you accentuate the decoration theme.

Successful decorative combinations

To obtain an original and unique design that highlights your character, taste, and personality, use combinations of styles and materials and styles.

You can dare to combine elements of industrial style with pieces of wood or with vintage decorative elements but do not overdo it. Always keep an uncluttered home interior, in harmony and balance without an excess of decoration or of furnishing.

Recover and restore old and forgotten furniture pieces

Reusing and restoring saved pieces is functional and also a practical solution, often used Nordic style design. It adds a touch of chic and also modernity to your decor and will become a trendy decorating element.

For example, transform forgotten wooden stools with the help of cotton or linen textiles in their upholstery.

Fill your room with freshness with the help of plants

In the overall Nordic-style decor you cannot miss the nature presence. You need to incorporate a lot of plants. Their green color will stand out and will also transmit freshness to the overall décor.

You can also use natural flower bouquets in vivid colors that radiate happiness and energy. This will give a great visual impact in your living room.

Nordic-style lighting solution for a beautiful home interior

Simple and in straight lines, table lamps and especially floor standing lights are integrate into the Scandinavian-style décor. They bring warmth and vitality to any dark corner of the room.

Do not forget metal pendant lamps. They are also a charming lighting and decorative option. They bring a lot of elegance and style.

Give it a personal touch and charm with a wooden armchair

A wooden armchair, a rocking chair with exposed legs is a decorative sensation. It is the perfect piece of furniture for a room in Nordic-style design.

A simple and minimalist design inspiration

Starting from well-known saying “less is more”, minimalism sets the tone in this interior design style. The whole décor is focused on several functional and versatile elements.

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