How to Select the Right Upgrades for Your Home

Be smart when you are selecting the upgrades, lighting, finishes or appliances for your condominium or your house. You think of a strategy when you decide to improve the functionality of your home, because it will increase the property value.

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If your intention will be to stay 2 years or more in your condo or house, your investment remains your priority. Usually a condominium is a guaranteed investment and you will recuperate your investment if your condo is located at upper level. Even more, if you’d got a property with view than you will stand up in a positive way at resale.

Keep in your mind; it’s always a risk when you are doing upgrades. Usually, people are doing upgrades for them, because they want their home look great for their family and friends. The impact of upgrades on the property value should be anyone priority if money matters to them.

However, if you will invest in your kitchen and bathroom upgrades, you’re going to get back your money.

Quality refinishes will impress your buyer .However you will save some money, if you will paint your walls in a neutral color rather the white, because it has not such a strong visual impact.

Some owners consider upgrades a high-end glass backsplash, gas lines on balconies barbecues and gas stove in the kitchen.

Others use standard upgrades as stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors and granite countertops.

It’s all depend of your budget, how much do you want to invest or can afford and how much do you think you are going to receive back.

Everyone wants a dream home, but you don’t want your money to vanish. Do not spend unnecessary money.

They are some investors who intent to rent out their places so they spend less money in their upgrades. On the other hand there are buyers who intent to live in their condominiums and spend more money.

So, in conclusion if you want to resale your home at some point you should be a smart investor. Upgrades only if is necessary, preferable in the kitchen area and in the bathroom; save same money doing same job yourself like the painting and always have a neutral color.

DO NOT FORGET – Smart home upgrades add value.

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