Swedish-Style Living Room a Bright and Airy Space

In winter, northern European countries may be the appropriate inspiration for decorating your home, especially Sweden, which is well known for its simple but elegant and airy style of its interior decorations.

Therefore, it may not be a bad idea to decorate your living room in a Swedish style to get a bright, clean and welcoming room.

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Why to Choose Swedish Style for Your Living Room

Actually, living room is the room where you spend most of your spare time and where you meet with family and friends. Therefore, the living room should look elegant and clean, always ready to receive guests and should be, at the same time warm and welcoming.

Swedish Style meets these requirements being a mixture between casual, elegant and rustic. These mixtures of styles are actually characteristics and requirements of a contemporary living room. More than that, Swedish style is simple, light, easy to maintain, and clean inspiring. Therefore, this accessible and simple style is highly recommended if you want to have a bright and modern living room.

How to Decorate Your Living Room Swedish Style

COLORS: In the Swedish style, white, light gray and cream are the dominant colors. Use them mainly for walls and ceiling. The space must be open, with few boundaries, thus the effect of background color is maximum.

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The feeling of spaciousness can also be created by accents of pale blue and azure colors that suggest sky and sea. Such pale and cold colors are used in curtains, pillows and other accessories.

A warm color found in Swedish style is red. This color fits especially in winter. Use red as the focal point in a painting, decorative pillows or a rug.

THE NATURAL WOOD COLOR: The simple, rustic feeling is given by the floor in a natural wood color. However, this color can also be found in the ceiling wooden beams, paneling or furniture. The used wooden essence is light and comes from birch, alder, white pine, etc.

LIGHT: In a northern country like Sweden, daylight is precious. Therefore, the windows should be large, open, or covered by light curtains so that natural light to be maximal. Mirrors and crystal decorations also enhance the brightness. Often, the crystal is found in an impressive chandelier, an element that gives a touch of elegance to your living room space.

ART OBJECTS: In a Swedish-style living rooms walls are decorated with Swedish folk art objects, painted in red and white with landscapes and plant representations. One of the most popular ornaments is the miniatures representing horses.

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