Decorate Your Bedroom French Style

The bedroom is your home heart, is your oasis where you retreat, relax, charge your batteries and feel better. How to arrange, design and decorate bedroom plays a vital role in creating a pleasant atmosphere.

You wish your bedroom to reflect your personality, to emphasize charm, style and elegance, but also to keep a little dose of mystery.

Perhaps you need a French style decorated bedroom with some rustic influences, but also with strong influences from Parisian metropolis. A French decorated bedroom can be the answer and can improve great the overall look of your home.

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Bright, shiny and balanced in terms of color, French style decorated bedroom creates indeed a visual pleasure and harmony seen only in the old Paris. Would you like to decorate your bedroom French style? Then let’s see what to consider when you want to decorate your bedroom French style.


In any French décor, furniture occupies a special and primary place. Typically, for this wonderful style is specific the massive and carved furniture with round edges, ornaments and sculptures that has a subtle but charming vintage finish that makes you think a sophisticated and chic boudoir.

You can opt for furniture that preserves the natural color and splendor of the wood. Choose furniture pieces with gold inlay. Do not forget that the bed headboard is high and is often upholstered with fabric.


An wide chandelier with arms is a specific piece French style. You should choose the chandelier for your French bedroom, in a totally accordance with the rest of the room, in a way that the dark shades of the chandelier and the furniture should have similar tones and nuances. If you choose a with furniture gold finish, this golden reflection should be captured by chandelier.

Along with chandelier, another artificial light source is the bed lamp. Usually, two lamps frame the French-style bed.


The dominant colors of French style are white, beige and golden but practically you can use the entire palette of colors. You can juggle with colors such as dark purple, lavender, brown,  pastel green, and blue.


Massive furniture, large chandelier and gold trim are quite enough to decorate your bedroom French style.

Accessories and decorations can have an opposite effect, uploading too much the room space, especially if you crowded them on a wall or on a top of furniture piece.

A photo frame with vintage finish and frame, jewelry, a support shaped feminine silhouette, carved mirror frame and lamps with carved legs are all you need to recreate a cozy and charming boudoir.


Thick and black-out curtains with golden tassels and cords at the ends, are also specific to the French style.

You should be in semi-transparent colors to allow natural light to enter the room.


From your French style bedroom should not miss fine and noble fabrics like satin and silk. Patterns and prints are generally flowers in beautiful pastel shades and nuances.