Interior Design Secrets that maybe You Don’t Know

Do you think you know all about how you should decorate your house? Even if you’re tempted to answer affirmative it is always wise to consider you still have a lot to learn. In this way, you manage to achieve two important things, a beneficial change in the appearance of your home and also to improve your skills and your knowledge on this wonderful art that is interior design.

Let’s see together several interior design secrets, which can help you to decorate your home.

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1. Dark Walls Offer an Extra Dimension to Your Room

In general, interior designers say that if you want to create the impression of a larger room, you should keep the walls white or at least light colored. It’s completely true, but at the same time dark walls have the same effect if the room is lit properly.

In case you did not know this secret about decor, now you know what you can do to give an extra dimension to your living space.

2. Do Not Ignore Kitchen Cabinets without Doors

Often, to maintain order, you tend to hide all the kitchen stuff behind the doors, but if nobody told you before, you should know that even kitchen cabinets without doors look great in the general framework of a modern kitchen.

Even if your China or the glasses are “in sight”, these cabinets (or rather, shelves) help you get a less rigid décor.

3. Combine the Neutral Colours and Shades with the Bold Ones

Neutral shades are preferred but they can become boring, so you have to “break” the monotony by using colours.

Did you know that you can get a lot more fresh and modern decor if you use bold colours near the neutral ones?

Don’t forget this decoration secret, and you’ll have more inviting rooms.

4. Invest only in Important Decoration Stuff

Home decorations come in a huge range of designs and styles, so it’s no wonder you always find something new to buy.

However, before spending money on decorations, ask yourself if they are really important for your home and if you see them in your house over a year.

One of the biggest secrets about the décor, which no one told you is that you have to learn to invest money only in really important things, such as pieces of furniture, doors, windows and appliances.

Ornaments and decorations will quickly go out of style and you can change them often, so it would be better not to spend too much money on them.

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