Decorative Art of Mosaic

Used to decorate interior spaces, the mosaic has a history of thousands of years. Many cultures and ancient civilizations have used mosaic widely to adorn temples and palaces. Even today, we can admire Babylonian frescoes, the ancient Greek temples and Roman villas.

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However, the earliest mosaics models are those in the second half of the third millennium BC that have been found in the temples of Abra, Mesopotamia. The ancient Greeks perfected the mosaic technique using different colored marble. Conquering the Greeks, the Romans took over this technique, raising the mosaic to the rank of art.

Over time, this technique was developed into the form that we know today.

Mosaic Technique

It is made of tiny pieces, usually squared pieces, made of shells, glass, stone or other materials that are installed in a way to create a picture or a pattern.

The mosaic was most often used to decorate places of worship, bathrooms, hallways and swimming pools, but with the diversification of materials and forms created by professional designers, this technique has been adopted in hotels, bars and restaurants.

Interior Design Trends & Mosaic

Trends in interior design show that mosaic is perfect for bedrooms or living rooms. In fact, it can be created in any room, regardless of the style adopted in the interior design of that room.

However, it is recommended that mosaic to be made ​​by a professional person, especially if the job is large for the results to be conform with your expectations, Making a mosaic requires skill, understanding, imagination, and patience.

Where You Can Use Mosaic

This form of decoration that was used mainly on floors and walls can now highlight furniture, whether it is a table, a wardrobe or kitchen bar.

By combining mosaic tiles you can obtain unique forms of flowers, human figures, landscapes and abstract images. However, there must be a continuity between the color of the mosaic and the dominant color of the whole room, keeping in mind that the mosaic work comes with the advantage of unique reflections both from natural and artificial light, changing its color depending on the time of day.

Such décor is spectacular regardless of the material used for its realization. Regardless of material, glass, natural stone or crystal mosaic is extremely resistant to moisture and wear, and is a perfect solution for creating an original interior design. It offers uniqueness to the room is practical and make your home a nice, elegant and refined place.

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