Burnt Wood – a Long-Term Solution for a Unique Décor

Burnt wood a “special” decorative accessory

Burnt wood can be described as “something special” for any home interior décor.


Perhaps because it always has a modern and fashionable look. More than that burnt wood is ecological, sustainable, and allows to reveal your personality and individualized taste. Therefore, it has been known and used in the interior decorating for long time. Today its popularity is increasingly growing.

But what is “burnt wood”?

Burnt wood is the result of various types of wood essences processed by fire. This process strengthens the wood properties, making it more resistant to all factors, and gives wood a unique and pleasant look.

Is all “burnt wood” the same?

The answer is no. Wooden boards differ primally in the type of wood essence, which they are made from. For example, you can find burnt pine, burnt spruce, and so on.

Also, the burnt wood boards differ on the level of the processing. Some wood boards are sanded once, others can be sanded twice. Everything depends on the desired design.

Are you interested to decorate your home interior with burnt wood?

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But let’s back to our theme for today article.

The many uses of burnt wood

The sphere of use of burnt wood in interior design is wide. Many times, this kind of processed wood is used to cover house facades. It is a smart architectural option, because burnt wood facades, no matter the harsh weather conditions, will not lose its original look for long time.

Even heavy rains and coldest winters will not harm the look of a house with a burnt wood facade. The burnt wood roof also looks spectacular and unique. In addition, it is warm and tight.

The burnt wood is also very often used to install long-lasting patios and terraces.

Burnt wood looks perfect in the home interior décor as well. The amazing details of burnt wood give the interior a touch of rustic elegance, sophistication, and uniqueness.

Why should you choose burnt wood for your home?

Conclusion: Burnt wood is a unique material and it is worth choosing because of its fabulous, unique appearance and its good properties, which lead to long lasting.

Not to mention that the wood treated in this way cannot catch fire again.

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