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How to create a comfortable and inviting living room that you can enjoy all the time? Whether you’re entertaining your guests or relaxing, these inspiring cozy decorating and designing ideas will create a warm living room interior. Clever furniture placement ideas can help you to create a warm and comfortable living room even if you don’t have a generous living space. After all, the living room is all about elegance and comfort.

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Comfortable living room furniture is perhaps, the best way to instantly create a cozy, relaxing space. A big comfy sofa, several accent chairs or lightweight armchairs is super easy to adjust your living room for your guests.

Any cozy living room should have a fireplace. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to own a gas or wood burning one, go for an electric fireplace. A stylish coffee table and maybe an ottoman will complete the atmosphere. Don’t forget several books, a tray and candles for a real comfortable and inviting living room.
Designer Ideas for Small Living Rooms | Maximize Your Small Living Space # 17 (video)

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