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Room Color Schemes

A room color scheme is much more important than you may think. Colors affect feelings and mood. You can find more about the colors and their effect in designing and decorating in this article.

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More than that, when it comes to bedroom color design, you need to be more careful. Choosing the right bedroom colors it’s not just about taste and style but also about health. Perhaps, it sounds a bit too much … “What can the wall color of my bedroom do with my health?” Let’s see!

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The primary function of any bedroom is to provide a good and deep sleep. So, you should first choose a suitable bed. Bed design and a good mattress is of utmost importance for the quality of sleep. Furthermore, even the shape of the pillow plays an important role. In addition, the bedding and the mattress should be made of good material, as the body “breathes” through the skin. All factors are important for our well-being during the night.

Bedroom color combinations are another factor that should not be underestimated. When it comes to design and decorate your bedroom, avoid aggressive and bold color schemes. 

For example, vivid red interferes with the eyes and does not allow you to relax properly. Always choose light, dusty and pastel colors. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere and affect positively your thoughts and feelings.

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Another important factor is texture.

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Texture is perceived by both touch and vision. Texture gives your home interior warmth, depth and of course, character.

An accent wall with a wonderful wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add texture in to a bedroom. Choose the textured wallpaper in conformity with the bedroom design.

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