How to Turn Your Attic into a Living Space

Although the attic can be a useful living space, most of the homeowners use it only as a storage space. In fact, it is not a bad option, but why not go much further than that?

Anyone knows very well how it looks an attic used as a storage space. Slowly in time, your attic becomes a cluttered space, full of forgotten and useless objects.

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It is therefore, a good idea to change the destination of this area, which has a huge potential.

After all, turning your attic into a livable space will cost you infinitely less than a new home addition. With one condition.

Your attic must be sufficiently high to allow an efficient remodeling.

Moreover, a livable space requires large windows for a good natural lighting and an efficient ventilation. Usually, attic windows are framed in the sloping roof, providing a sufficient opening for light and fresh air.

Depending on its size, you can turn your attic into a cozy bedroom, a relaxing living room, a bohemian chic walking –in dressing, an office or a kid room. But the possibilities are endless. Just as well, your attic can be turn into a great room for your kid that is now a teenager and wants privacy, or perhaps a guest bedroom is a better idea. In fact, everyone will find its place and feels great in an attic decorated with style.

If your attic space is not quite large, keep the walls white, but for a splash of color you can paint one of them in a cheerful tone.

You can apply floral wallpaper on a wall, and your new room will look romantic and feminine. In terms of interior design, a potpourri of prints (stripes, flowers) can create a modern living space.

If the space is very generous in size, then you should move your master bedroom in the home attic. Although the master bedroom should be on the ground floor or at least at first floor, make an exception, and you definitely will not regret it. Typical form of an attic with sloped ceiling creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere whether is day or night.

In terms of style, no restrictions. Give free rein to your imagination. Classic, country-chic, contemporary or modern your attic should be taken in consideration like any other room. Eventually, you can consider only the location and the style of your home.

The attic room is really a great space for children, especially when they are small. It is the perfect playground for little ones and you can fill it with toys and colors.

Also, you can turn your attic into a second living room, perhaps for your teenage child who will feel more relaxed, away from his parents.

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