Design Trends for a Modern Living Room

How to create a modern and trendy living room décor?

The main trend of this year and next appears to be an explosion of design conceptions, of creative home interior solutions, and an exceptional number of expressions. Personality and creativity are thus increasingly becoming a central concept in the modern living room designs. It also seems that personality likes to show itself in functionality, color choices, and in a distinctly natural decor. At least these and many other trends dominate the interior design this year.

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Materials and colors.

Outspoken personalities express themselves in specific, outspoken colors. Those colors and nuances need also to be vivid and quite cheerful. Red, pink, and peach will be used a little more than others. They particularly benefit from their easy combinability and versatility.

Interior designers and decorators also do not hesitate to take their chances. After all, choosing a striking color, who knows, may lead to the next hit color. The decorative accessories will stand out. They will be in navy blue and deep green and will radiate tranquility and freshness.

Functional and practical décor.

Functionality and minimalism are now two factors that are reigning supreme in the overall decor. Temporarily unnecessary and unused elements are hidden as much as possible, even in bathrooms and kitchens. Still, an exception might be the bathroom, which continues to evolve and turns into a luxurious place for private relaxation. Spa elements and extra pieces such as benches express this.

Lush and natural environment.

In addition to being environmentally friendly and energy efficient, a modern living room is becoming more greener. Friendly, inviting home interiors are living spaces that respect the environment. They literally bring nature inside in many living areas. The result is amazing calming, beautiful, and serene.

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