How to Use Pastels and Soft Colors, Decorating Ideas

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Pastel and soft colors, such as pink, mint green, sage, light blue, apricot, light grey are sweet, and relaxed because they have peace, serenity, and springtime in their look.

Superb Master Bedroom in Soft and Patel Colors

Here are several tips and ideas to use them in your home interior:

  • Mix clear shapes and lines of the furniture and design accessories with soft and pastel colors.
  • Decorative accessories in pastel colors brig a peaceful and happy feeling.
  • Go without fear. Use generous amounts of pastel colors in your interior design.
  • Pastel colors such as pink, soft purple, soft violet goes perfectly within a vintage, retro-chic décor.

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How to Use Pastels and Soft Colors, Decorating Ideas (video)

Pastels and soft color palette – a color trend in the home interior décor

Pastels and soft colors are currently very popular in the interior design and even fashion industry.

Neutrals have dominated the last years, and now the majority of interior designers and home decorators are looking for a compromise and what is better than pastels and soft colors.

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They are somewhere between neutrals and bold colors.

A pastel color accent wall is appealing but not so daring as strong, bold tones. Many of you will say that is too feminine, or too sweet but is a great alternative to a conventional white or other neutral color.

In fact, pastels are suitable for every living space and help to create a modern and stylish décor.

You need to know that pastels have a high proportion of brilliant white color. So, any nuance from the color palette mixed with simple white results in a pastel nuance. Simple like that.

Do you want a color harmony in your home interior? Amin two or three soft shades of the same color. Mixed different amounts of white with the same color. Or you can try the same amount of white with two close nuances. It is your choice.

They will look bright and fresh, not to mention they will have a positive effect on your mood.

One more thing. Pastels and soft colors can easily be combined with neutrals to create a fascinating décor. And also, with each other.

Pastel color walls for a chic living

How we have already told you, pastels and soft colors are trendy for this year. Predominantly pink, mint green, pastel yellow, soft purple, light blue, soft brown hues, and light grey.

However, you do not need a totally home interior in pastel colors. A harmonious décor can be achieved with bold and striking accent colors, despite how many colors you use.

Modern lifestyle with pastels and soft colors

A contemporary home interior with walls in a pastel color palette is attractive, chic, and modern.

The light color combinations make the home interior larger than it really is.

You should try with the next makeover project.

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