How to Create a Cozy Meditation Area in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the area of your home where you should be able to relax after a day’s work before you go to sleep. The question is: Do you have a meditation spot in your bedroom? A place where you can only sit and read or just relax?

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However, for a lot of people, this place can be found anywhere in their house, but the bedroom is said to be the true soul of the home, more than the kitchen or family room.

It is so important to have a corner in your bedroom to create where you can meditate, relax, and reduce your stress, tension and anxiety.

Meditation like Yoga is a great way to rid your body of stress and tension, center yourself, and introduce calm into your life.

You can create a cozy meditation area in your bedroom.

1. Chose a corner: First of all, figure out which corner of your bedroom you’d like to use for the meditation corner. It should be big enough for you to sit comfortably and stretch out your legs. It has to be the perfect spot to chill-out.

2. Clean your meditation spot: It is important to remove all the clutter. Dust and clean the area thoroughly. Wash the walls and the floor.

3. Simplicity: No need to decorate your space with sculptures, pictures or other works of art. You should only purchase a comfortable mat, blanket, cushion or chair for the meditation corner.

4. Beauty and significance: With simplicity in mind, you can transform your bedroom corner in a beautiful meditation spot. Separate the meditation corner with a screen or some other partition. However, if space is limited and money is tight, you can use the small table as a partition.

Beautify your corner. Find materials, objects and symbols that you have in other parts of the house and put them in your new space. These things must have some significance for you but do not distract you.

5. Fragrance & Sound: What you use will depend on your personal tastes. It can be flowers, candles, incense, and although not absolutely necessary, add a small sound system.

Some people adopt the idea of meditating on mild and soothing background music. Others prefer silence or sounds of nature outside the window beyond them.

Another option could be a small set of wind chimes hung in a window, or driven by a small fan.

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