Detox Tips for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the place of your home where you spend one third of your life so it is extremely important that this space to be free of toxic substances that could affect your health.

Lets see some tips that can help you detoxify your bedroom, turning it into a relaxing and healthy place.

Clean Thoroughly the Bedroom Pillows

For the sanitization of this room, it is important first to take care of pillows that you use. If not cleaned regularly, pillows may be a perfect shelter for a number of germs and bacteria.

In fact, one of the simplest ways to reduce toxins in the bedroom is the constant cleaning of the pillows.

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Pay Special Attention to the Bedroom Curtains

If you want to have a bedroom clean and free of harmful substances, it is highly recommended to pay a special attention to the curtains.

To avoid mildew in the bedroom, it is advisable to allow plenty of natural light to brighten this room because the sunlight will naturally remove the extra amount of moisture from the bedroom, thus reducing the risk of mold. Moreover, natural light kills most of germs and bacteria.

In this sense, the best is to open the curtains as soon as you wake up, to allow the room detoxification process to begin with the early morning hours.

Remove all the Electronics from the Bedroom

Electronics can adversely affect your lifestyle, disturbing the natural sleep habits.

A prolonged exposure to artificial light from digital screens stimulates the brain activity, leading to fatigue and insomnia. In order for your bedroom to be a place of rest and relaxation, you should not load it with electronic devices. So, the TV and the computer should not be present in the bedroom. In this way, you will have a pleasant and restful sleep.

Choose Carefully the Wall Paint

Some types of interior paint consist of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are an important source of indoor air pollution and poses a number of health risks such as liver disease, kidney disease or cancer.

In addition, the paint that contains volatile organic compounds leave an extremely strong odour in the room, which can persist for several weeks, even if the paint has dried. In order for your bedroom does not become a noxious space, it is advisable to choose a VOCs – free paint.

Follow these simple and easy steps and your home, not just the bedroom, will be a clean space and free of harmful substances.

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