Remodeling a Small Bedroom

Basically, a small bedroom remodeling can be done in two ways, adding extra space or changing completely the way how the existing room is used.

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You can easily add extra space using different storage systems such as cabinets and bookshelves and with a smart organization of your closet. You can also increase the square footage of your bedroom by building a room addition such as a bump out. Painting in light colors may change the look of your bedroom making it seem larger.

Materials & Tools

– Shelves, Brackets, Nails
– Storage, Nets, Baskets
– Drywall Equipment, Paint, Wallpaper
– Measuring Tape, Pencil, Graph Paper


– Draw all your plans on paper before starting the work.
– Think through what your “new remodeled bedroom” should provide.

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1| Using a measuring tape measure your bedroom and make a scale drawing on a graph paper so that each square on the graph paper to represent a foot. This drawing will help greatly in your intention to renovate and remodel the room.

Also, measure all the pieces of furniture and items you will keep in the new arrangement of your room. Transfer all scale dimensions on your plan.

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2|If you think to increase your room area then you need to check if you have this option but you should know that any increase would be detrimental to adjacent rooms. More than that, you need to remove a wall or to make an opening in that wall and things get quite complicated when you have to deal with a load-bearing wall. Do not forget that any structural change implies the advice of a professional.
A bay window could be the answer, but it could change the outside look of your home. However, a bay window makes a small bedroom to look bigger not to mention the charm of a window bench with nice and colorful cushions.

3| Paint your bedroom in light colours. They brighten your room and make it to look bigger. Do not paint under any circumstances, a small room in dark colours. They will make it seem even smaller. This is also true for a floor painted in dark colours, while a floor painted in bright colours have the opposite effect.
Well-chosen colours and nuances can create many optical effects. A white ceiling against vivid coloured walls will make your bedroom to look taller. Also, a  mural painted wall can create a dimension illusion.
Mirrors can create the illusion of a larger room than it really is.

4| By adding more storage space your room will be more organized and clutter free. There are many ways to do that:

a) Place your little stuff, cloths or lingerie in plastic boxes and put these boxes under your beds.
b) If you have bunk bed set place shelving, a dresser or a desk below the top bunk.
c) Remove the drywall face of a wall and build shelves between the wall studs.
d) A smart idea is to build shelving around your room, one foot under the ceiling. You can display there your precious collectibles. This will bring a great aesthetic effect to your room.
e) Hang nets between two opposite corners to hold some stuff.

5| Use the room for many purposes not just as a bedroom. You can add a coffee table and an ottoman or you can replace your bed with a futon making your room a bedroom/living room or family room.

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