A Place and a Space in Your Home for Everything

Whether you are living in a large house with many rooms or in a cozy home with a little possibility of having extra space, you are in need to create a system that your home function according with your lifestyle needs.  And whether you live large or small, chances are there’s a favorite spot in your home that is used more than its fair share of action.

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Perhaps, a breakfast counter spot has too many things piled up on it or your preferred sofa corner has too many items on it such as decorative pillows and blankets, which you want to store them somewhere.

Without special designated spaces you are forever tucking your things everywhere, forgetting  of course, in the next moment where you have put them — and wasting far too much time trying to remember where you have placed them when you need them.

Designate a place for each activity you do and space to keep your stuff that goes with it. Only in this way, you will add some organization to your household, and thus your life. Your home will be uncluttered and more enjoyable.

Everyone Needs a Home Office.  Are you using your dining or kitchen table as an office? That can be time consuming and quite frustrating to constantly have to pack up your office stuff and bring them out again.

Whether you are a homemaker, a student or even an entrepreneur, you need a specific space in your house specifically designated for office work. Of course, it is ideal to have a room designated totally to this purpose, but you can also use effective an armoire in the living room that can be closed up when not in use or even a bigger closet that has been refitted with drawers and a countertop.

A comfortable chair, a functional filing system and a good lighting is actually, everything you need.

Where Did I put the Have you ever stored an important thing in a safe place and then of course forgotten where you hid it when you need it a few weeks later? Do you want a smart and simple solution?  The best is to create a document in MS Office Excel or Word on your computer to have a record of the locations of seldom-used articles. Make sure you will give a specific name to your document so as to find it quickly when needed.

Name that Room. It may seem bizarre but it is a fact. Rooms that do not have a particular purpose usually become dumping spaces for your clutter. However, before you start de-cluttering your rooms, it is a good idea to go through your house to decide to use each room. Identify which items belonging to or are suitable for the specific of this room. Keep some plastic baskets or a few cardboard boxes handy so you can easily transport your small stuff from one room to another.

A Shoe-In for Office Supply Storage.  Use the pockets of clear vinyl shoe bag to keep your small office stuff, from spare scissors, pencils and pens to extra batteries and notebooks. These pockets usually come with hooks, so you can easily hang them over the door, using in this way, a potential space.

Everything Needs a Home. Whenever you bring a new thing into your house, immediately try to find a permanent and suitable space for it. Do not put your brand new item “here or there” just for the moment. Find from beginning its stable place. The best is to place it together with other items like it. If you store similar objects together, it will be easier for you to know where you have placed it when you need it. Also, it is wise to label containers, shelves and drawers. In this way you do not have to resort to your memory when you need to find a thing quickly.

Where is that Instruction Manual?  Did you purchase new electronics or appliances? Then, do not forget to staple the warranty, recipe and the instruction manual together and tape them under to item bottom. It will be easy to find it if you need to refer to it. For portable items like MP3 players, PC tablets or cell phones you should store these papers in an accordion type file.

Where Did I Leave My Keys?  “I couldn’t find my keys”. This is perhaps, the most common excuse for lateness. It is pretty hard to be a successful person if you cannot even leave your home. Save yourself the embarrassment and frustration by making an extra key set and keeping it in a secure place or giving it to a neighbor or relative in case of an emergency.

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