Dreamy Modern, Luxury, and Minimalist Living Room design ideas

In our video: designer ideas for creating the living room of your dreams.

A magnificent living room is an ideal that can easily become a reality. And why not? It is the main place in everyone’s home where we spend most of our time with friends and family.

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Beautiful Living Rooms, #19: A Modern, Luxury, and Minimalist Dream (video)

Common mistakes in furnishing and decorating of the living room.

We share tips and ideas on how the living room in every home can be simply and easily updated and become a dream room.

But first, you need to know how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to furnishing and decorating your living room.

Perhaps, old design fashions still dominate many homes, such as massive furniture and an excess of decorative accessories.

As the times change so do the design trends. According to many prestigious interior designers, one of the main design mistakes that is still usually seen in the living rooms is the presence of the mirror. The perfect place for mirrors is in the hallway, bedroom, and of course bathroom.

Another commonly seen mistake is in the placement of furniture. Many designers recommend avoiding placing the furniture near the living room walls. After all, you need to leave empty space for paintings, photos, and other various artworks and decorations.

First buy the furniture and after that paint the walls.

Another big and common mistake is the order of the color selection. Often the living room walls are painted in advance of buying the furniture. Many interior designers strongly recommend buying first your living room furniture and after that painting the walls.

The living room floor should be darker than the walls’ color.

All interior designers recommend that the living room floor should be a little darker than the color of the walls.

Proper lighting is important.

Another very important feature of the living room is the lighting. The most of interior designers say that every living room should have at least 3 different light sources adapted to different needs.

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