Beautiful Living Rooms with Stone Walls

A stone wall can beautifully complement the whole interior decor.

A stone wall can beautifully complement the whole interior decoration of any kind of room in your home, from living room to the master bedroom. Because it is a natural material, no two stone pieces are exactly the same, like size, shape, or color. Therefore, it is an infinite number of combinations, thus becoming a versatile and unique decorative solution.

In interior decoration and the general design, a stone wall, whether natural or artificial, will always create a focal point, especially in environments such as the family room, lounge, or living room, where it will create an inviting and warm atmosphere.

In our article you will find some ideas on how to decorate a room with stones and stone wall covering ideas that can help you select and decide the stone  type that fits the characteristics of your room and your personal preference.

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Stone wall a focal point.

Here we can see how a focal point has been created with the decorative stone coating on one of the walls of the living room.

A stone wall – the unification or separation of living areas.

It is true! In many decorative projects a stone wall it is a great idea for the zonal unification of the living room and dining room.Β  On the other hand, a beautiful stone wall can also be a great room divider.

Fireplaces stonewall.

By decorating the fireplace wall with stones, enhance the living room style and it creates a focal point. If the room is in a rustic design style, the best option is to decorate the wall with round river stones.

When it come the room decoration with stones, you can choose any color but natural or earth colors are recommended to make your home interior look warmer and more inviting.

Any room surface can be decorated with stones. Just think about how the stone corners of a room can embellish the environment. This finish, in addition to highlighting the general decoration, protects the corners of the wall.

Another decorative solution is to cover the niches in the room with stones.

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