Coffee Tables with Storage Ideas

It is well known that a coffee table should be more than just a place for your morning cup of coffee and coasters. In fact, any living room needs more than an ordinary coffee table.

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What makes a coffee table to be a great one?

First of all, any coffee table is the focal point of the room. Secondarily, if you have a small or tiny living room, you need to maximize your space, inclusive your storage space, so a coffee table with storage options is the best alternative.

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However, a great, stylish coffee table doesn’t need actually to be a genuine coffee table. Let’s see together some smart and great alternatives.

Ottomans with Storage & Covered Baskets

Covered baskets or ottomans are a great option. They look stylish, you’ve got a plus of storage and you can replace them quickly and easy with something else when you need to change your design.

Treasure Chests & Old Suitcases

You’ve got an eclectic or a shabby chic living room. Then perhaps a treasure chest or an old suitcase is the perfect option for your décor, not to mention the extra storage.

Side tables as Coffee Tables

You can try. After all, they look great, are handy and easy to move around your sofa.

Stools & Poufs

Another great coffee table alternative, especially when you live in a small apartment.

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